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Beaver Meadow Farms

This third generation farm has been operated by the Smith family for over 80 years. They use a natural system of farming which has earned the farm the Certified Organic Producer (#03-16-198). The farm is now also SPCA Certified, and certified Salmon Safe.

Read about raising organic, Grass-Fed and Grass-Finished beef and using methods of operation that exceed organic requirements in Edgar Smith’s Own Words.

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Is also certified Heritage Angus Beef; certified organically raised 100% Grass-Fed and Grass-Finished, and available seasonally at the BC retailers listed on "Where to Buy".

Private Custom Orders (for Natural Pastures Beef): Limited private orders are available from time to time (full animal orders only). See "Where to Buy".


"Your farming practices are simply outstanding and we are extremely happy to have you on board."
~ Constanza T. Pacific Salmon Foundation

More Information:

The Smiths’ holistically create and support a diverse landscape of forest, riparian areas, and grassland which maintain the native integrity of the Upper Little River Basin. The forest is harvested selectively and provides commodities besides timber such as wasabi. Harvesting at a sustainable level ensures the future of this ecosystem. The restored stream habitat supports well over 200, 000 coho, pink and chum salmon, and sea run cut throat fry – now one of the most productive fish habitats on the east coast of Vancouver Island. Little River, and the salmon and trout runs, have recovered to historic levels or greater of natural runs. The Smiths cooperate with the local salmon enhancement society which built and maintains the fish hatchery on the farm at the head of the stream.

The grasslands are the heart of the cattle operation: pastures sustain the Certified Heritage Angus cows year-round. Herds are rotated on a sophisticated system of monitoring plant growth and recovery. The cows are noticeably clean and disease-free. Many of the Smiths’ practices contribute to this, including the raised sawdust “highways” that connect all pastures and winter facilities. No chemical pesticides or herbicides, antibiotics, or growth hormones are used. The Smiths use a far more diverse, yet in-depth, level of knowledge than that needed for conventional farming. The results are evident in healthier, sustainable practices, healthier, happier animals and exemplary foods providing deliciously distinct flavours, nutrition and enjoyment.

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Beaver Meadow Farms, Certified Organic Producer #03-16-198, is certified by BCARA (BC Association of Regenerative Agriculture) for 765 acres of crop production (pasture) and 260 head of livestock (Dairy / Beef).

The Land Conservancy original Partner

Our Certified Heritage Angus and Certified organically raised beef herd is completely Grass-Fed, raised and fattened on pasture and grass silage,100% Grass-Finished, and raised in accordance with the exacting requirements for Organic Certification. Note that Natural Pastures Beef uses no supplemental grain feed at all.

The farm is also SPCA Certified, and certified Salmon Safe.

We were an “original TLC Partner” recognizing our ecological farm standards within The Land Conservancy of B.C.


Natural Pastures Beef
Beaver Meadow Farms

1821-E Anderton Road
Courtenay, Vancouver Island
BC, Canada V9M 4B1

Edgar Smith:
Tel. 250 339 2913
Fax. 250 339 4057

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