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Edgar Smith is the Managing Director of
Beaver Meadows Farms & Natural Pastures Beef

In Sync With Nature...  |  The Use of Water...

Beaver Meadow Farms "... In Sync With Nature ..."

Our farm Beaver Meadow Farms is a certified Heritage Farm where we have carried on the style of farming originated by our grandparents and parents since the 1930’s.  We believe in natural agricultural production systems in sync with nature. We were an original Conservation Partner with The Land Conservancy, protecting habitat for wildlife and aquatic life in our streams and fields and forests for 3 generations on our lands. Salmon Safe Certified We have restored the salmon and sea-run cut throat trout in our fresh water habitat and work with the Little River Enhancement Society to operate a farm hatchery for coho, pink, and chum, salmon and sea-run cut throat trout. The LittleRiver is recognized as one of the most productive fresh water salmon habitat streams on Vancouver Island as a result of our farming practices. Our practices have won a number of conservation awards from the local Chamber of Commerce to National recognition.

Our Natural Pastures Cheese has been sold in retail stores since 2000 and which is very well known for its Awards, earning scores of ever increasing medals and Championships. Our Comox Brie is the World Champion Brie. This illustrates our dedication to quality, healthy, local, food produced from local farms in the Comox Valley who have some of the best standards of excellence in the world. 

"Your farming practices are simply outstanding and we are extremely happy to have you on board."
~ Constanza T. Pacific Salmon Foundation

The Sun's Energy is the Base of Our Organic Production

Natural Pastures Beef is an extension of our philosophy to use the sun’s energy as the base of our organic production. Our diverse species of grasses and herbs collect and store the energy from the sun year round as our climate here gives us a year round grazing opportunity unique in Canada.  Our grass-fed, grass-finished beef is 100% grown and raised on the lush meadows and gives the unique rich flavours of our milk and beef.  The terroir of Natural Pastures Beef is unique as the pacific ocean salt laden rains drop on our coastal pastures next to the ocean giving a flavour and texture to our Heritage Angus beef unique in Canada.

I have to go cut some silage now.  Our silage is fermented grasses from our pastures that we feed our beef with in the winter if snow or rain get too much at times to allow the grazing to continue, so we do not damage the rich meadows in the winter.

Organic Verification & Additional Verifications:
Our methods of Operation Exceed Organic Requirements

Canada Organic

All our organic verification inspections are done by BCARA (BC Association of Regenerative Agriculture).  We also are a Verified Beef Farm which is a program to keep track of any inputs, etc used by the cattle.  These 2 programs verify all our claims of origin, age, organic feed used, 100% freedom from GMO’s, pesticides, antibiotics, etc.  Our Heritage farm designation assures our enhanced biodiversity of our farm ecology.  Our animals graze as herds keeping their herd social orders intact allowing for low stress management of all our 300 - 400 plus beef. This prevents health problems and a Veterinarian is very seldom on the farm unless it is a difficult birth.  All other animal practices are carried out in relation to natural herd order.  All the calves are born to pasture and stay with their mothers in the herd till 6-7 months where they are grouped with their own herd mates and grow up together.

SPCA Certified
With lots of natural sunlight, exercise, and a stress-free security of living in a secure herd environment our cattle live for a full life as nature designed cattle to do.

The fertility of the soil is balanced with the use of compost, manure, and manure tea, and this healthy soil feeds the the plants and cattle and wildlife in our diverse meadow forest mixture which allows balance and diversity throughout the whole Beaver Meadows Farm. Our wild life of bears, cougars, deer, migratory birds,  hawks, owls, eagles, wintering trumpeter swans, song birds, beaver, otter, mink etc are all part of the order of our farm land and waters that we enjoy each day.

Certified Heritage Angus Beef

This natural release from the soil of nutrients is what expresses the unique taste and texture of our grass-fed, grass-finished, Certified Organic, Heritage Angus beef. Certified Heritage Angus have the old genetic capability to utilize the energy in the grasses and herbs to fatten up and provide a healthy protein source in optimum balance of Omegas, CLA’s, vitamins, vitamin K, minerals, and many more key nutrients leading to our health as humans.

Enjoy Natural Pastures Cheese and Beef Together

Our Natural Pastures Cheeses are especially well known to discerning cheese buying customers. When we introduce Natural Pastures Beef in retail stores we often do tastings in the meat department, of our cheeses served with our beef. As a result of these tastings the stores soon ran out of Natural Pastures Beef in the meat counters along with the stores needing to order in more Natural Pastures Cheese asap. You can find recipes, tips and cooking guidelines for ideal flavour and texture, on this website NaturalPasturesBeef.ca.

Hi Ho off to work I go.

Edgar Smith

Beaver Meadows Farms "...The Use of Water and the Water Cycle..."

Good day, hope you are well.

Here at Beaver Meadows after sunshine, the use of water and the water cycle is the key to our prosperity and well being. We live in a rain shadow here on the east coast of Vancouver Island. During the growing season we have experienced for some decades, an ever growing propensity to encounter a ‘’Mediterranean” climate regime. Hot growing summers, dry without any or very little rain fall. Contrary to previous decades, we no longer receive 2-3 rains per month. In the past, very little additional moisture was needed during the growing season. How we extend the use of winter rainfall now becomes more significant as the summer rains are now few and far between...

Using the natural cycled rain waters...

For all our animals to graze the meadows from March till December, we need to enhance the natural soil water storage capacity and water cycle of the grazing lands. This we have done by the use of many and varied plants in the grazing meadows, that are more drought resistant and suited to our soils and uses. Some are more suited to the cooler spring or fall and some more suited to the dry summers. By the cycling of the grazing animals over the meadows to prevent over grazing, root structure and biomass in the soil has been increased significantly; storing carbon and soil moisture for extended periods of low moisture.

BC Certified Organic
Our pastures are kept green all through the growing season and our Certified Heritage Angus, meadow raised beef, are very efficient in the use of water also. We are only using the natural cycled rain waters for the local produced forage. Conventional beef, and most other "local" (B.C., Canadian) or "organic" beef and animal producers depend on acres of grain and water and energy use in some distant location to feed their animals. These conventional, and most other "local", or "organic" animal producers use municipally treated and supplied water for their requirements, instead of the land and water stewarding that we do. Whereas, our pastures have a very thick and enhanced sod surface and store and utilize any precipitation that falls in the most efficient manner. This is what our native species of Blacktail deer are able to do. Our Heritage Angus herd mimics the natural water use adapted by the native species over eons.

Valuable Water is Stored in Aquifers in Winter...

We are very cognizant of the value of water stored in our Farms water shed's Quadra Sands Aquifer during the winter rain and snow fall period. This storage in the thick strata of sands and gravels, is metered out during the summers as natural springs and used for sources of drinking water and supplemental irrigation of the meadows. This we also utilize to provide summer rearing habitat in our on farm stream network for thousands of Coho salmon and sea-run cutthroat trout, which coexist in our farm streams with all our farm activities. The natural stream habitat is protected by our cycled grazing of the meadows. Acres of brush and trees serve as buffers along all our streams. Our enhanced beaver dam habitat and treed buffers, provide a dynamic interface between grassland and forest that is diverse in biological activity. The waters are cooled, the salmon fry protected and the natural cycles of stream and forest and grassland prevail.

Our local 100% grass-fed and grass-finished beef is an integral part of the natural water cycle, protecting our streams, soils, and wildlife. Our water use is as nature designed for grasslands and forests.With the use of our sunlight and waters, we exist in sync with nature, prosperous and well.

Best wishes.

Edgar Smith

The Land Conservancy Conservation Original Partner
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