A delicious award-winning Pairing

For delicious award-winning cheeses, visit naturalpastures.com

Enjoy warmed flavours of Natural Pastures Cheese with your Natural Pastures Beef for medal-winning taste experiences;

3–5 minutes before you remove your grilled, braised or oven cooked Beef from heat, place slices of Natural Pastures Cheese on top.

Choose any Natural Pastures Cheese for delicious world-class experiences. We recommend:

  • Comox Brie
  • Cracked Pepper
  • Garlic & Chive
  • Boerenkaas

Due to the lower fat content in Grass-Fed beef, you may want to experiment a little with various cooking methods to find what works best for you.

LOWER HEAT IS RECOMMENDED FOR GRASS-FED, GRASS-FINISHED BEEF, which means cooking for a slightly longer time. Turn steaks more often. For optimum tenderness, enhancing flavour, cook at 10% lower temperatures, for 10% longer time.

Most important! Meat continues to cook after it has been removed from the heat source, therefore, you want to remove the beef from the heat before it has reached the desired doneness; it will finish cooking on its own from the residual heat.

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