Limited private, and custom orders are available. Price is per pound plus
delivery based on the carcass weight.


How is Natural Pastures Beef Processed?

For your ideal enjoyment, Natural Pastures Beef is traditionally processed and aged for superior flavour and tenderness by Gunter Brothers Meat Company, to customers’ and stores’ specifications. Gunter Brothers verifies that they process Natural Pastures Beef sulphite-free. Located a short 10 km from our Heritage Farms they are a third generation Comox Valley business specializing in custom meat processing and a Class “A” government inspected facility.

  • Quarter animals; in standard butcher cuts, frozen and vacuum packed.
    • Quarter animals are around 175 pounds carcass weight.

Popular and traditional cuts selected by Gunter Brothers’ Master Butcher for the most efficient cut and best value. Expect slight variations in quantity / options in every order, due to portion size. Quarter animal cuts includes:

  • Steak Thickness – 1″
  • Steaks Per Package – 2
  • Roast Size – 3-4 lbs
  • Brisket – Ground Chuck – Roast & Steak
  • Cross Rib – Roast
  • Prime Rib – Roast
  • Short Rib – Ribs
  • Inside Round – Steak
  • Outside Round – Roast
  • Sirloin Tip – Steak
  • Shortloin – T-Bone
  • Tenderloin – Roast
  • Trim Option – Hamburger (Ground)
  • Hamburger – 1 lb packages
  • Bones – Yes
  • Whole and Half animals; special order custom cut, frozen and vacuum packed.
    • Whole animals are around 700 pounds carcass weight.
      • $400 Deposit required on Whole animal orders.
    • Half animals are around 350 pounds carcass weight.
      • $200 Deposit required on Half animal orders.
    • Includes all offals, bones, suet etc. as you wish.
    • After deposit, you enter your cutting and packing instructions
      online at Gunter Brothers Meat Company.
    • Your price is for basic butchering cost.
      • If you choose to order extra processing such as brining brisket, sausage,
        jerky, etc., there is added cost for these.
      • Brown paper wrapping is available for an added cost.
    • Frozen order is ready 30 days after slaughter.
    • Slaughter is once per month.
  • Full balance payment is required prior to pick-up or shipping.
    • Frozen orders can be picked up at Beaver Meadow Farms (by
      appointment), or Edgar can arrange shipping.

“Edgar’s beef was the highest for total omega-3s and among the best omega-3 to 6 ratio of the 160 samples of retail meat that we studied”

~ John Church
Associate Professor
Thompson Rivers University
Cattle Research Chair

Be Assured with Your Purchases!

Natural Pastures Beef is 100% Organic Grass-Fed and Grass-Finished. Regeneratively Farmed, it is Cooling our Planet!


Contact Edgar for more information, and to place your order.

Natural Pastures Beef
Beaver Meadow Farms

1821-E Anderton Road
Courtenay, Vancouver Island
BC, Canada V9M 4B1

Edgar Smith:
Tel. 250 218 3274
Fax. 250 339 4057

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